Friday, November 5, 2010

Shadow Performance at CW Post

The premier of the Kali Shadow Theater was Nov.3rd at the SAL Gallery, CW Post campus of Long Island University. The opening reception of the Ray Johnson/ A Book About Death exhibition featured a variety of readings, performance and video.


Coffee Messiah said...

Most excellent Bill! Wish we could have been there.

BTW, did that young couple look you up?


William Evertson said...

Thank you Michael - Wish you were there in person; it was a fun event with lots of great performances. Lots of folks congratulated us but no sign of your friends. Did they make it?

Susan Shulman said...


Coffee Messiah said...

Yep, said they have something for me.
I thought I saw them sitting in the back in one of the pictures too.
I know they put on a concert the next evening.
Other than that, haven't heard anything else. I'm sure they'll catch up over the weekend.
Besides, you were probably busy with others.

William Evertson said...

It was very hectic trying to speak to everyone.
The new video version of the Kali submissions went over well. That premiered on a large screen right after the shadow theater. We played it as a loop throughout the evening on a small monitor as well.