Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Invasion Continues

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this series of photos from artist and independent curator, Angela Ferrara of Brazil is priceless.  This is a quick look at the installation of the Troyart exhibition which opened on January 11th in Sao Paulo.   My Dharma Girl robot is on display until January 30th.   Looks like she is in good company.

 Dharma Girl _ © 2010 William Evertson
Mixed media assemblage with gold-leaf.

The robots have completed their take over of MuBE (Museu Brasileiro da'Escultura.  Many thanks to Angela Ferrara, the staff at MuBE and Troyart to make this exhibit a success.  (photos: Angela Ferrara)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robots Invade Brazil

_Dharma Girl is part of Troyart at MuBE - Opening Friday January 14th, 2011_
The Museu Brasileiro daEscultura (MuBE) in Sao Paulo, Brazil hosts an international exhibit of artist modified robots from the Troyart collection of toys.

My piece for this show is based on the original toy provided by Troyart and then customized with collage elements from mandalas, gold leaf and original art.

Building "Dharma Girl" a project for the Troyart International Exhibition at Museu Brasileiro daEscultura (MuBE) of Brasil. They will be exhibited early in 2011.

First look at the toy robot received from Museu Brasileiro daEscultura (MuBE) of Brasil. Robots have been sent to artists for assembly and a personal touch. They will be exhibited early in 2011.

Troyart runs through January 30th, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seeking Kali Makes a Book

_The Kali Ray Flip Book _ ©Evertson_Vanden Eynde_Shulman 2011_
 Altered books and artist books are the subject of an Italian exhibition in the Centrale Libreria Costaneiro Galleria Piazza Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto, (Treviso) Italy.

This video is a Seeking Kali artist book collaboration. Ria Vanden Eynde, Susan Shulman and myself worked via Skype, Facebook and email in the preparation of the Kali Ray Flip book for exhibition at Omaggio Ray Johnson, Trevsio, Italy during April of 2011. The Italian Un Libro Sulla Morte is curated by Virginia Milici.
Flipping through the book
 This is one of several projects in the works for this collaboration. Ria, Susan and myself are in the final stages of our personal portfolios of Kali related art and our Seeking Kali artist call has been a great success with 89 (and counting) great submissions to the site.  We have extended the deadline until January 15th for inclusion in the book and the DVD documentation. Information concering the artist call can be found HERE.