Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Works from Seeking Kali 2010 - DVD

After almost a month of work,  the submission DVD from the 2010 Seeking Kali artist call that I co-curate is ready for purchase.  I first started mentioning this project in a post from August 18th, 2010 by announcing the new Seeking Kali blog and the artist call.

At first glance many friends have asked "Why Kali?" Over a year ago I posted a status on Facebook that read "Contemplating the manifestations of Kali". At the time I was sitting in my studio looking at a tangka I have on display that shows a demon version of the goddess consuming the wheel of time.  Almost at once I found myself in a fascinating discussion thread with two artists I knew from my work on A Book About Death,  Ria Vanden Eynde of Belgium and Susan Shulman of Montreal Canada. The thread grew to hundreds of entries as we explored the myth, paradox and cultural identity wrapped up in this Hindu deity.

We've combined our efforts to bring some of these discussions to a broader public with a Facebook group and the artist call that we began to curate in the fall of 2010.  I was surprised at the eventual number of artists of all types of media this narrow topic drew.

We are now offering the complete 2010 artist call in a DVD format for those who want an archive of the project. This contains 80 minutes of content ranging from painting, collage and mixed technique to video, music and poetry.  All in all, this is a fascinating cross cultural look at Kali by artists from around the world.

The Seeking Kali DVD will premier with a screening at Prima Center Berlin during the Archetypology exhibition, curated by Ivana Režek.  The Berlin exhibit opens February 25th and runs through March 23rd.  This Seeking Kali submissions DVD will also be screened in Boston and Joliette, QC in the coming months.
We are offering the DVD and an accompanying 12 page booklet for $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling (US) via Paypal. 

Shipping is via the postal service - expect delivery within 5 -7 days (7 -10 for overseas)

If you require PAL format (or have any questions) please contact us via our email

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Video

_work in progress - burning DVDs and assembling the documentation booklet for the Seeking Kali artist call_
The artist call that I have been co-curating finished in January and now the documentation has commenced.  Ria Vanden Eynde, Susan Shulman and I organized this call back in August and over the course of five months had over 80 artists submit works. The art encompasses poetry, spoken work, music, video, sculpture as well as performance, painting and mixed techniques.

While the Seeking Kali blog we created archives all the submissions, we are working on two forms of hard copy archive for our artists. A DVD containing the blog material is almost ready for release. A book format will be out in March.  The photo above is a hint of the final DVD. There will be ordering instructions on the blog or our facebook group soon.  The DVD is especially valuable as a compilation of the video, performance and poetry.

The DVD also contains the eight minute segment below that features the painting, collage and mixed media works.

A video presentation of the painting, collage and mixed technique artists who submitted to the 2010 Seeking Kali artist call. Links to individual artists can be found on the Seeking Kali blog at Soundtrack by Ian Evertson.

The complete works that will be featured on the DVD are viewable on the Seeking Kali blog, including the musicians, poets and video artists. The DVD release is scheduled for next week and will available via a link on this page or on the Seeking Kali blog.

The Seeking Kali DVD will be screened at the opening of Archetypology
 The works that have been submitted to Seeking Kali's DVD are being screened on February 25th at the opening of Archtypology.  Curator and artist Ivana Režek has organized a series of exhibitions for this show including the Prima Center Berlin where our first screening will take place.

Friday, February 4, 2011

100 Artists 100 Dreams

_The artist preview for the 100 Artists 100 Dreams launches with and opening Saturday, Feb. 5th. at ART ON THE WALL Virtual Gallery, Deep Listening Institute, located at 77 Cornell Street, Kingston, N.Y.

The project is curated by Sadee Brathwaite, the founder of La Leona Arts and is a long term project involving artists, musicians and performers. The project continues with a film screening this fall as well as as exhibitions in 2012 and 2013.

Two Boys Remember - © William Evertson - mixed media collage

My first piece for this project, Two Boys Remember, will be featured on during February.