Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ABAD 23 - The Ties That Bind

_A Seeking Kali poster for the next A Book About Death exhibition_

Among other art work coming out of the studio this month is a poster design for the next incarnation of ABAD.  The Mathew Rose concept for a group exhibit linked to the father of mail art, Ray Johnson, first premiered at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NYC in September of 2009 and now is in it's 23rd showing.
ABAD - The Ties That Bind is curated by LuAnn Palazzo and will run from July 31st. to September 2nd in Bay Shore, N.Y at the Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery.

LuAnn will be hand binding the submissions to this show and the finished volume will be on exhibit along with the individual page submissions.
To help with the costs associated with the project she has launched a Kickstarter Project fund that is currently running. Several fine givebacks are available for donors.

This is an open call with work being accepted until July 15th.  

Our Seeking Kali collaboration for the Ties That Bind (we wrapped ourselves then Susan brought us together and printed it out)
Seeking Kali is William Evertson, Ria Vanden Eynde and Susan Shulman

For more information about the history of the A Book About Death series of exhibits visit the ABAD Exhibition Archive.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Scroll

Scroll Sari at the Mobius Artist Group's Wearable Art Runway Show (photo courtesy of Bob Raymond)

The idea of Scroll Sari has it's origin in the ceremonial unrolling of a traditional artwork in the scroll format. These works while often seen in museums fully extended are generally meant to be unrolled a section at a time revealing the narrative often at the heart of the work.  
The images here are based on the ink drawing that form part of the Kali Shadow Theater, an intimate production featuring shadows cast from ink drawings, cut outs, puppets and live actors.

The Scroll Performance

The Scroll Sari premiered at the Mobius Artist Group's Wearable Art Runway Show, May 6th, 2011. The show, curated by Mobius artists Jane Wang, Alison Safford and James Ellis Coleman turned out to be a standing room only affair in Boston's south end.  Master of Ceremonies Tom Evans likened it to Dada events purposely oversold to create an aura of excitement.

A Brief Look at the Entire Lineup of Wearable Art

Scroll Sari - Hand painted fabric 20' x 3.5'
Kali mask - painted plastic with straw. Birdman mask - painted copper mesh with goldleaf.

Special thanks to Seeking Kali collaborators Susan Shulman for the fish motif and Ria Vanden Eynde for the poems used in the design.
Complete information on the artists, designers and  models from the 2011 Wearable Art Runway Show.