Monday, August 18, 2008

Writing on the Wall

Bittersweet to return home after a nice vacation. I did  miss
my technology; as it turned out we were so far off the grid
I didn't even have cell phone coverage. So updating a blog
via iPhone wasn't going to happen, nor checking email. In 
fact I only got in two painting sessions. Karen loves this; get
Bill to hike, bike, canoe until he drops. I admit to being a 
weekend warrior in the exercise department, but my wife
always thinks I'm still 25, bless her heart. So every muscle 
is sore, but telling me she is right, as usual. So today was
like this: mow lawn, run out of gas, pick up gas, food shop,
do laundry, pick up the dog, return calls and emails, sort
mail, gasp at the bills, and finally sit down and do a quick
30 minute photoshop work to remind myself of myself. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Some Photoshop play. I just upgraded and am trying to learn the 
new features. Just some basic play using some old files and images.
Remaking and recombining and trying some filters. Probably more
angst showing than I'm feeling because we're about to leave for
vacation! Maybe the angst comes from the fact that I don't have
a laptop to take with me. But nine days in Canada with just a 
camera and my sumi-e brushes might be just what I need. I have 
been practicing updating the blog with my iphone but don't 
expect much. Karen thinks I need a break from technology; get
back to roots- draw, paint make sandcastles. She's usually right; 
we'll be celebrating our 32nd anniversary on this trip.