Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can't wait until next Saturday - My Art Fair debut.  I've been scrambling.  I thought I had a fair number of works framed, but of course I needed twice to make a display.  Then I thought people may not be interested in framed work. So I started to just mat and shrink wrap. I thought the worst years of my life were spent at Brewster Gallery in NYC as the framer, but now I'm cutting my own mats and building my own frames.  So, you never know.  Despite my initial reservations, this seems to be a good exercise. Yet I have one mental obstacle.  Help me think this though.  It concerns limited editions.  On the one hand these types of shows demand limited editions if you are in the "graphics" media - yet digital imagery is new enough to wonder if an artist should limit his/her best efforts to an edition of 100 or whatever.  Plus - you will see elements of my art repeating in works in years to come.  The way I work is to compile a digital library of sky, textures, plants, people, writing and everything I can imagine.  I combine these, and if you compare the works you will see similar elements reappear.  So any comments on the idea of limited edition prints?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Madness

Oh dear! Oh dear!  I shall be too late!  Yes, I'm feeling a little like 
the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  So much to do
and so little time.  I realized this morning that a whole week
has passed since I last blogged. (forgive me father for I have 
sinned?)  Oh well, by the end of this month I'll probably resemble
the other rabbit in Alice's story, the March Hare or sometimes 
referred to as the Mad March Hare from the tea party.  I'm 
not quite sure why March is mad, to me things seem particularly
unreal every May.  Probably because our gardens need so much
attention plus the various groups we volunteer for all seem to
love May for some endeavor or another.  Plus throw in a job, well
at least I know I'm not alone.   In any event, the image I'm
presenting is another of my 'Reflection' series.  I keep adding
to this group if I'm lucky enough to first remember to keep the
camera handy, then have the good fortune to stumble across the
 right light and reflection.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank You

My last post had some great comments by some people doing 
great art.  Art that I respect, otherwise I wouldn't return to their blogs.
I think that now that I have gone ahead and signed up for a few shows,
I'll just let it play out for what it is.  I've have to lay out some cash
for tent and display system but I'll try to live up to Sarahs expectation
that I'll do a good job - Get some contacts, sell a few, perhaps uplift
my marketing brain. Already, I'm printing, matting, cutting frames,
creating a new biography. This might be a journey that reminds me
why I hate art fairs.  For now I'll go with it this summer and see if 
it leads to a more promising land.  I'm posting an older work created
four years ago.  The strange thing about this is that I have used digital
pieces of this work to create others

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This always happens when I become my worst enemy.  Sleepless
in Connecticut.  I've always hated art fairs but I've decided to do
several this summer.  I've been to a number of them and want to
shove my finger down my throat. The work seems all the same,
boats and flowers and beach scenes.  All very nice, but not the 
kind of art that inspires me.  But the artists do seem to be selling
some work.  I really need to be selling more.  Exact same problem when
I lived in NYC for ten years after grad school.  I'm an artist but don't 
have a clue on how to really market what I produce.  I'm probably
on another fools mission  Damn, I really need to make the transition
from woodworker back to artist. Plus find some success, humor and grace.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock Art

One of the art fascinations I have concerns rock art; whether petroglyphs
 pictographs, assemblages etc.  The idea of the artist working rock to
record, evoke magic or express is a powerful stimulation.  Mostly
we don't know the why of the creation; in many instances the artist 
and his/her culture has faded.  We are left with a mystery and speculation.
I decided to create my own petroglyph after taking some photos of rock
formations overlooking the Connecticut river.  I combined one of those 
images with a photo of old machinery that I reduced to line drawings.
I hope there is some magic in deciphering the image.  I printed this on
13x19 Canon Photo Pro paper.