Wednesday, September 2, 2009


2009 Nightball T-Shirt

** Once again I have been chosen as the official T-shirt designer for the International Nightball Tournament. This year's design features a juxtaposition of a 1950's croquet rulebook with a brush wielding hand emerging from a serpent's mouth producing some graffiti. (blame my fascination with Mayan art for the latter)
Nightball, a lawn game using a standard croquet set is played during the night with balls and mallets on fire. The croquet set is usually consumed during play.

This years shirts are printed with pride by Curt Prestash of Curtcorp.

More on (de)clutter:

Ria's original mail art - awaiting collaboration

Additions to Ria's original

Last post I mentioned clutter and several comments were concerned whether I found any treasures. One major item was Ria's mail art (Ria of Painting2Cancers) which I had to finish my collaboration and mail off to a third party. My contribution was to add a bit of three dimensional fun to the piece and now it is safely in the hands of the postal service. On to a fellow mail artist for further modifications. When I spot it on FB or another blog I'll be sure to share.
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