Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greetings from Dadaland

Art Detox in front of Printed Matter, NYC - 4/16

_Whew! Last weeks trip to NYC was packed with too much as usual. Attending the opening for the Greetings from Dadaland exhibition turned out to be the tip of a very large iceberg. Far too much for a single post so I'll save thoughts on Abramovic and Kentridge at the MoMA as well as the woodcuts of Kuniyoshi at Japan Society for this weekend.

_But Fluxus first, starting with the John Held and Picasso Gaglione curated exhibition of Fluxus, mail art and rubber stamps at the Stendhal Gallery. (545 W. 20th, NYC - April 15 - May 29th) Held and Gaglione, collectively known as the Fake Picabia Brothers, present an exhibit taken from their collections of poster art, box sets of rubber stamps, collage and video. The variety of the exhibit showcases the interests of Held and Gaglione in the curve of art history encompassing Dada, Russian Futurism, Constructivism, Nouveau Realism, Conceptualism and Mail Art.

_The boxed rubber stamp sets follow the example of George Manciunas and Flux-Kits. Inexpensive multiple edition stamp sets showcasing various artists as well as commemorating exhibitions are displayed in vitrines in the center of the gallery.

_The show is very nicely organized with a variety of works of great historical interest; well worth a visit and on view through May 29th. The opening itself was well attended with many of the artists involved in various Fluxus and mail art projects in attendance. Some nice shots of guests at the opening are posted on New York Social Diary. The evening rounded out with Dada Machine Fluxus performances.

video still from Dada Machine Fluxus performances
Keith Buchholtz in foreground

_On Friday Dada Machine Fluxus continued with performances at Printed Matter.

Reed Altemus, Cecil Touchon and Jennifer Zoellner, Melissa McCarthy, Art Detox, Mark Bloch and Christine Tarantino.

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