Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dharma Girl

_Ready for Mission to Brazil_
An international exhibition of robots is coming to Brazil in January.  The Troyart International Exhibition will feature works gathered from artists around the world. The robots are the work of the Brazilian Company, Troyart which makes the easy to assemble toys that were sent out by the museum this fall.

Artists have been asked to paint, modify and generally remake the robots in their own style.  The exhibit is slowly being assembled online at the Troyart blog in preparation for the exhibit at the Museu Brasileiro daEscultura (MuBE) in Sao Paulo, Brazil beginning in January.

I have made two videos; both featured in the video section of the museum blog that chronicle my work on Dharma Girl; Exhibit #97.  My first video is called Beginning Robotics.

Beginning Robotics - Meeting My Robot

 The second video shows my work on the robot as I make her.  Yes, it is a she robot and she's called Dharma Girl.

Intermediate Robotics - Building Dharma Girl 

Next Step: Pack her for the long trip back to MuBE.  

Many thanks to Angela Ferrara who curates and maintains the exhibition blog, Renata Azevedo of MuBE for direction and Roberto Stelzer of Troyart.
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