Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in Review

_ Exhibits _ 
Highlights of 2010 


Visual AIDS - Postcards from the Edge - ZieherSmith, NYC (paper/mixed media)

OX and O's performance at Mobius  Works in Progress (Audience participation piece with Tic Tac Toe)

Accordion Book - The Sketchbook Project - Hardcover Artist Book - Brooklyn Art Library

Crude - Multimedia, copper mesh, metal toys and hubcap - Landfill Art

Mube - Sao Paulo, Brazil  Um Livro Sobre A Morte
digital collage

Viewing area for Thorns in the Garden - MOBIUS  The Alternative Experimental Flower Show

Intermedia - video loop with various props

Green Seen - Mail art exhibit at Wendell Free Library (digital collage)

At University of Omaha, Nebraska


Visitors view the Surrealestate cards - Part of ArtRages, Boston - MOBIUS


My image contained in the data recorder for Space Shuttle launch STS-133_
_Fluxface in Space
_BP logo ©evertson 2010 (for Greenpeace's Behind the Logo)_
©evertson_contribution to Abalcabal #1_"Introductions"

_©evertson_contribution to Abalcabal #2_"Codes"_

_©evertson_New work for Abalcabal issue #3_"Holding Out"_


OX and O boxs at East Hampton Public Library

The Launch of Our Seeking Kali Blog and Artist Call    Ongoing collaboration with Susan Shulman and Ria Vanden Eynde


My merchandise for the Mobius Prostitution of Art Exhibit

Red Sea Ducks for UR Toy Story at ARTpool Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL (digital collage)

Digital collage for ABAD at Belknap Mill, New Hampshire

Digital collage (still from performance) for ABAD at CW Post SAL Gallery

Mixed Media for ABAD at Fluxmuseum

Analogue Narratives - Collaborative blog launch - On-going accounts of the attempt to create an ending for the unfinished René Daumal novel Mount Analogue


Kali Yuga, a Shadow Production by William Evertson for Seeking Kali premiered at the opening of the Ray Johnson/A Book About Death exhibition on Nov. 3rd, 2010. Hosted by the SAL Gallery, CW Post campus of Long Island University. Music by Larry Cohen.


Mr. Wicket quilt square at the Maine Discovery Museum, Bangor, Maine
These are the highlights from my studio this past year. It was a wonderful year filled with love, support and encouragement from many people.  Thank you...all who are following and reading.
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