Friday, April 29, 2011

Thanks Hrag

The blogazine Hyperalleric gave my work a nice plug this week.  I sent off a few of my mailart pieces as well as a couple of my handstamps to their Brooklyn offices and in return Hrag Vartanian wrote up a nicely researched piece.  Plus, he had to find my website because I didn't include explanations in my package.  I've been involved with A Book About Death, a project originated by Matthew Rose, so a few of those pieces went in. (including one of the originals from the 2009 Emily Harvey Foundation Exhibit that resides deep in the vaults of MoMA).

Some of our Seeking Kali announcements went in as well as an example from the Analogue Narratives project where a group of us are struggling to finish Rene Daumal's Mount Analogue novel.

But my tic tac toe game pieces made the biggest hit. (probably the big H didn't hurt).

The best part? I came across my work while looking at some of their other reviews. Always great arts coverage and insights.

Hyperallergic also publishes a weekly newsletter as well as LABS which explores weekly art themes and their bliptv channel is always worth a look.
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