Saturday, June 22, 2013


Early summer in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire is the venue for my next exhibition.  It will be hosted by the Gordon-Nash Library in their newly refurbished Nash Gallery and curated by Cathy Nolan Vincevic.

On display will be a variety of works created during the last several years including three of my newly editioned Photobooth Kabuki woodcuts. These are inspired by Japanese Purikura (print club) photobooths where you can adjust your image to appear more "manga".   For these pieces I combine solarplate photogravures with traditional woodcut to place myself back in in the era of ukyio-e prints; a direct precursor to this modern taste for anime and manga.

On exhibit will be two prints from my ongoing work concerning imagery based on finishing Rene Daumal's unfinished novel, Mount Analogue.  This woodcut to the left, titled Zeng He's Stowaway,  is the latest. This piece required six hand-carved blocks and a total of thirteen color applications.

Original blocks will be on display for those interested in this traditional Japanese printmaking technique.

Several relatively small accordion style artist books will be on display.  The most involved, titled Today Only, unfolds to over 20 feet and contains ten solarplate photogravues printed in the artist's studio with embossing and poetry.  The work is part travelogue and part meditation on impermanence.

Along with books are a related passion; small hand-made 'game' boxes loosely based on tic tac toe and current events, strife and dualities.  The boxes contain two carved game piece "stamps"that are similar to artist's 'chops' stamped into prints.  The boxes also contain booklets and collaged interiors.

The exhibit will also include many of my ink drawings and studies, several mixed media works and collage.

Gordon-Nash Library blog announcement.

Event Page (for those on Facebook)

LAYERS - July 10th through July 31st. - Opening July 10th from 5 - 8pm. Nash gallery in the Gordon-Nash Library, 69 Main St. New Hampton, NH.  Information 603-744-8061
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