Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art To Do List

I'm so happy that Moma put my card on her refrigerator that I may never come down from my tree.

In the continuing incarnation of the A Book About Death, fellow artist Mara Thompson is organizing the LA version of the exhibit for Otis College of Art and Design.

With the fall frenzy of openings, exhibits and exhibits of fellow artists to attend calming down a bit, it is time to return to the studio for some introspection. The last month was a blur of inspiration that should come in handy as this falls studio work progresses. An added plus is the fact for the next several weeks I have a very valuable commodity on hand; actual time set aside for art.
While I still have the mundane "to do" list that seems the bane of every existence; I've worked up my art to do's and am excited about a few projects.

While looking over the work of artists in the 50/50/50 exhibition at the Eclipse Gallery I found that fellow exhibitor Jennifer Marsh has a very interesting collaborative project underway. Jennifer, founder of the International Fiber Collaborative is assembling artwork to be wrapped around a Saturn V Rocket in Huntsville, Alabama next spring. I've reserved a spot and have a 2 foot by 4 foot area to design, sew? and deliver by February.
Educators, groups and various individuals are invited by Jennifer to submit art the Dream Rocket project, which will be on Display at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center during May and June of 2010. the 30,467 square foot quilt to be fabricated from participants in the project will cover the entire 36 story Saturn V.
I've reserved the space under the auspices of Nightball International. From the darkness of beer halls and dance halls into the light of day, this eclectic, fluxable group whose uncommon passion for croquet played in the dark, with no discernible rules, intends to fabric(cate) a theme of international peace on their little patch of aerospace real estate.
While more widely known for absurdest and situational dynamics of game theory, Nightball International is committed to the role of art in education. So with the actual prospects for world peace at apogee, I'll design with the hope that the international scope of this project will reflect well on the tradition of uniting people through art.

Mr. Wicket Juggling Peace (Mr. Wicket is the Nightball International logo)

Just doodling today and thought perhaps the Nightball logo (logo design by Teri Prestash) could juggle peace signs. Well, probably not... too obvious and there's no color. Stay tuned as I work out this and other art conundrums over the next month or so.

Some of my other Art To Do's include:

A Submission to Fluxhibition 4. An artist call for Fluxus amusements, diversions, games, tricks and puzzles. Perhaps a home version of Nightball. Prepackaged with safety tips of course.

A page submission to ABAL Cabal - and I can't say anything more about this top secret zine.

An edition of cast hand stamps. More pix and info soon.

Prototype for handstamp ©09 evertson

Six 24 x36 blank canvas's ready for some non-computer work. ⌷⌷⌷⌷⌷⌷

Eeeeeiiii - plus I think I signed up for the Art House sketch ✍ book project.

All will be thoroughly vetted here over the course of this fall: now if I can just back away from the computer.
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