Friday, October 16, 2009


80 Hands

I've got plenty of hands; no arms, shoulder or a head... just hands. The picture above shows off my output of about 80 plaster hands that I want to work into stamps. A couple of years ago I started with a few that I carved initials and dates into for "signing" work. Either a stamp of approval or simply... I better not screw around any more stamp. A few more were cast, painted, glazed or used in mixed media pieces and some given as gifts.

Personal stamps I use for initialing and dating

I had a bit of a fortuitous start on this project as the mold is actually a flea market find. I'm not even sure of the original purpose of the approx. 7.5 cm long hands. The two piece mold is cast iron that I simply coat with vaseline as a mold release and pour in plaster of Paris. They come out needing a bit of refining and I scrape them with a blade to bring out the definition of the fingers.

Cast iron mold for hands

I've long been fascinated with the seal stamps that adorn East Asian Art. The stamp can function as signature, a proof of ownership or an addendum to the work and its' strategic placement is highly considered. Many seals are rightly considered a work of art in themselves.

My "collection" of seals

Over the years I've collected several and received some as gifts. A typical Chinese seal is carved stone although other material including wood, metal even plastics can be found. The plaster hands I've been casting are soaked in a resin hardener to produce a more durable stamping surface.

Samples of seal prints

So while I'm working out some designs for the 2.5 cm oval bottom surfaces to the hands, I can use the tests to do some hand stamping on the mail art I owe. So, no major heroic artworks here, just little tiny artistic footnotes. (handprints?) (handnotes?)

Some Art I've Received By Mail ( ♡ ✍ ing )

"IPE AMARELO" Angela Ferrara

Mail Art from Angela Ferrara of Brazil; one of my new ABAD friends. Angela currently is exhibiting work in Biennale del Librio d'artistta.

"Alligators on the Prowl" mailart from Jennifer Zoellner

Mail Art from Jennifer Zoellner: Jennifer curated the Chromatophore Mail Art Show that ran from August 27th through Sept. 5th in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is, among other projects, compiling the first AbalCabal zine which I have submitted a page to. AbalCabal contains several of the artists who participated in ABAD. More info as it becomes available later this month.

"I Am Someone Else" Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Mail Art from Bibiana Padilla Maltos: Bibiana sent me a small limited edition book containing highlights of her works from this year. The 20 page book contains instructions for events, scores, illustration and more! Bibiana also helped our fellow ABAD artist Mara Thompson install the Otis College of Art and Design exhibition of A Book About Death; running through October 31st in LA.

"Emerge" digital collage ©evertson

The 50/50/50 Exhibition continues at the Eclipse Gallery. This exhibit features works from 50 artists from 50 states in 50 media. My piece "Emerge" is a digitally produced collage produced in an edition of 50.
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