Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Choice is You

Ox and O's box with multiple choice grids _ evertson©09

_I spent more time this week exploring the Ox and O's box work in progress. I started thinking about how to expand my thinking from a simple object - the box, to how it could function in a setting where people were actually encouraged to use the stamps. My first thought was how chance occurrences would lead a group to begin using combinations of symbols that would go beyond my personal free associations that create the carvings. The grids of the tic tac toe pattern are beginning to function as decision fields where all sorts of possibilities exist.

The grids as fields also act as personal fields of decision making. As children we learn game play with simple combination games. When our moves are blocked we learn strategies for overcoming obstacles. Of course as adults our decisions are complex and multi-layered.
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