Monday, December 28, 2009

A Million Little...Choices

_A Million Little… Choices _ Accordion book submitted to Sketchbook 4 - Evertson©09

_The Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook project opens January 29th in Atlanta and will travel to Brooklyn, LA, St. Louis and Chicago.
This is the Co-ops fourth time out of the gate with exhibiting artist sketchbooks. This version differs in that the sketchbooks become part of a permanent library maintained by Art House.

Inside front cover

The library is intended to be searchable by artist, title or subject. Topics were suggested in the blank moleskin books mailed to participating artists. While artists were free to create in their own style the topics do provide another search option for those visiting the collection.
I received my book in November with a suggested theme of “A Million Little….”

The book gives me the opportunity to explore my ongoing work with game play and the grid in yet another format. Tic tac toe or Noughts and Crosses is simply a basic grid on which a simple child’s game is played.

This blog has documented this work in progress from its beginning as hand carved stamp designs to conveying a simple symbolic language with the designs acting as pictographs intended to represent moods or ideas. I introduced the grid on the blog simply as a way to showcase different stamp designs. My way of thinking evolved so that I began to see the grids as fields where the choices we make in life begin to overlap and form our makeup as individuals.

The sketchbook was made from original drawings that I scanned; I added additional drawings and stamps to the scanned work…and rescanned…redrew…and finishing with handstamps and some cutouts.

Finished book is approx. eight feet unfolded

Art in the Mail

_All the way from Brazil; arriving on Christmas eve came a wonderful surprise from Angela Ferrara. Angela sent an example of her Five Maries game box. Angela has also submitted this piece to Fluxhibition 4. Very nicely made and a beautiful piece of Angela's art for my archive.

Five Maries _ A game box by Angela Ferrara

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