Friday, March 26, 2010

ALT X Flower Show

_View of Mobius from Harrison Ave.
_Mobius is not a typical gallery space; it is not a white box. In fact there is very little blank white wall space to be found. The most striking feature of Mobius is the window walls. The perception as one walks by is a glass rectangle. Difficult to stage art that depends on the wall as background, yet perfectly suited to art of an experimental nature. Mobius is also the name of the group of artists that both exhibit in the space and collaborate or curate the space to bring a variety of local, national and international artists to Boston. Not surprisingly much of the work centers on performance art, installation pieces and generally looks to a multi-disciplinary artistry. This is my second time showing here; the first was this past January during their Work in Progress series. I had a chance to work out some ideas surrounding performance with my Ox and O’s game boxes. This time my work is part of the Alternative Experimental Flower Show. Perfect timing since this show is running the same weekend of Boston’s Flower and Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center. The Mobius show set in Boston’s South End was introduced in the recent Stuff magazine as the “alternative to quality time with grandma”. A backhanded compliment indicating these flower works were liable to be a bit more edgy.
A total of ten artists are presenting their interpretations of a flower show exhibit. As I sit and blog from the gallery, Ursula Ziegler is working on "banana ariera ecfloresco".

Ursula Ziegler's "banana ariera ecfloresco"

Ursula's performance piece unfolds daily as she creates banana flowers and elaborate banana flower arrangements. Ursela involves audience in the experience, encouraging them to make flowers and contribute to the ongoing process of arrangement and decay. The piece is an exploration of perception of an aesthetic act from its creation through to its decay.

Aithne with her Future Flower Installation

_Future Flower 2210 is an installation piece by artist Aithne Sheng-Ying Pao. The piece resembles a booth with a curtain doorway. Panels on the exterior show pictures that record forms of flowers through history. As we have progress from merely introducing new varieties by cultivation and cross pollination to genetically engineering plants, Aithne takes us to the future where we imagine the combination of human and flower traits.

Cathy Nolan Vincevic (right) plants people

_Our host and curator, Cathy Nolan Vincevic, a long time Mobius member, performs a multi-layed piece. Sometimes simply seated and cutting paper flowers from seed catalogues; at times burying dead flowers; Cathy builds a gardener persona and tableau as our show progresses.

Friday night was time to plant people. Cathy invites participants to become buried in dirt to their calfs and then gives them options of different ferns to wear.

One of Cathy Nolan Vincevic's planted people

_Two more days of the show to go... so some more from the fertile minds of the Alt X artists tomorrow.
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