Friday, March 5, 2010

In the Studio

_Verso of A Million Little Choices artist book _ ©evertson2010

_After getting a look at my A Million Little Choices at 303 Grand St. during the Sketchbook Library opening, I decided that I really should make a hardcover version of it. That's what sketchbooks are; sketches for some future work or a nascent idea in need of development. This sketchbook being another tangent in the context of choice and identity that I've been working on deserved a face lift. The sketchbook version is accordion folded but only worked on one side.

Cover plus view of both front and rear _ ©evertson2010

_The images are readable either forward or back to construct a "journey" narrative as various tic tac toe grids are encountered. For the verso I started with some night photography of Times Square signage. Working with the negatives of these photographs, I constructed a 90" collage of the logos and signs that are part of the night world of NYC that scream "buy... choose!" In the context of our lives and choices; we're confronted with many choices that are subtle yet far reaching; a partner, a religion, a politic, a career, compassion or indifference. Yet, the world is presenting an elevated sense of essentially consumer choice in a way that competes as an agenda. The original sketchbook lacked an image for the back cover, so I created a small collage to compliment the more simple premise of the front. Now my book reads forward and back and front to rear.

Kali vs Time _ artist game box _ ©evertson2010

_My other project this week was a new game box. This one titled Kali vs Time contains the same elements as my Ox and O's box: the hand stamps, grids, instructions, and various collages. The box is handmade using standard bookbinding techniques. I do create unique collages to line each box; each forming a commentary (both visual and literal) concerning the "choices" I've presented in the game. Here the exploration concerns the Hindu goddess Kali and her manifestation as a devourer of time.

Interior of Kali box _ ©evertson2010

The stamps themselves are cast plaster that have images carved on the bottoms. The stamped images are visible in the left and right compartments. Kali is simply carved as a wild visage grasping a spiral. The "time" piece is a simple hourglass.

This picture to the right shows the copper mesh cradles I make to support the hand stamps in the box. These are formed over the same cast iron mold I use to make the blank hands. The mesh is flexible but holds its shape well enough for this use. I simply cut the cradles slightly oversize and friction fit them in the compartments.
The photo to the right is the interior cover art.
A small face of Kali is visible on the lower right; devouring the wheel I hold.

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