Friday, June 18, 2010

Logo Redesign

_BP logo ©evertson 2010 (for Greenpeace's Behind the Logo_

About the same time I was working on my submission for the A Book About Death exhibit in Omaha an opportunity came along to expand on that piece.  Greenpeace is sponsoring a contest for a logo redesign for British Petroleum.  While it doesn't solve any problems, it did feel good to vent a bit of rage over the lack of safety concerns that lead to the deaths of the rig workers and continues to spew crude oil and methane.  While we still need to vent at our own Mineral Management Services that simply rubber stamped out dated and fraudulent contingency plans, BP is a good starting place. The Greenpeace site has information for adding your own design as well as a link to see all the great new and improved logos. (entries through June 28th)

In the Mail!!      It's been a great week for things showing up in the mail from fellow artists.

©Branka Djordjević 
This piece arrived from Luxembourg from my friend Branka Djordević.  The piece is a four inch square painting on metal that is bonded to a canvas and stretcher, making it actually a rather substantial feeling piece.  The paint and surface has a glossy look that doesn't really come through in the photo giving it a very shimmering feel. These small paintings are part of Branka's series "A Painting a Day Keeps the Apple Away"

LuAnn Palazzo
 LuAnn Palazzo sent two nice works this week.  The one above is a collage made of thumbnail pictures of art by several of our mutual friends.  Very nice piece and luckily she provided a key to the artists included here on the back.

LuAnn's key to identifying the images in the collage
A great idea and if you have been following this blog for awhile you may recognize some of the included artists from their participation in either Mail Art or some of the ongoing ABAD exhibits.  LuAnn has a wonderful site where you can explore her design and photography.  LuAnn also included her postcard that was part of the ABAD Wales exhibit that recently closed.

©Palazzo for MoMA Wales
©Palazzo (back of card) MoMA Wales
Enjoy and have a great weekend!
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