Friday, June 11, 2010

The Next ABAD

_"Two BP Imports" _©evertson 2010_

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Or it seems that way concerning the A Book About Death.  A new edition is in the works for the RNG Gallery of Omaha Nebraska and it opens July 31st.  I love this community that has formed from the original project back at Emily Harvey Gallery. Many friends continue to submit new work as well as new faces (art) showing up to comment on the subject of death.  This particular exhibit is following the format of accepting new work to be exhibited along side the original.  A visit to the ABAD Omaha site will fill in details if you wish to join in.  The submission deadline is July 20th. My piece (#40) for this exhibit  is based on a bit of free association concerning the tragedy in the Gulf.  Titled “Two BP Imports”; it collages Lord Baden Powell’s Boy Scout manual with the petroleum giant BP’s utter lack of preparedness.  Although, to be fair there is enough blame for many in this deadly scenario still playing out.  The original ABAD was conceived and curated by Matthew Rose.  The RNG Gallery exhibit is curated by Louise Millmann and Robert Gilmer.

Crude _ ©evertson2010 mixed media, hubcap, wire mesh, toys, acrylic

Last February I submitted a mixed media sculpture to the Landfill Arts project called “Crude”.  At the time I was concerned about our overdependence, the greed and the spills; but little did I imagine what was soon in store for our shores. You should be able to find this piece around page 11 of their gallery.

ELP - "Welcome back my friends to a show that never ends" Karn Evil 9 1st. Impression. Part 2 excerpt - live from '73 and my friends if I were to concentrate on corporate bad actors for subject matter I truly would have a show that never ended.

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