Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holding Out

_©evertson_New work for Abalcabal issue #3_"Holding Out"_

I was visiting friends over the past weekend and the topic of how we first came upon the brave new world of computers came up. My friend mentioned the punch cards we were issued when signing up for classes as college freshmen and how they got feed into a room sized machine which somehow spit out our first class schedules.  Today, most of my creative work is done on my laptop that is many times more powerful than those used in the first Apollo missions. 

Issue #3 of Abalcabal

I’m connected to the Internet with my iPhone and I create much of my work in Photoshop.  The Internet itself is a great organizing tool.  I send people interested in my work here to see what’s in progress, I learn about exhibition opportunities and find collaborators on projects.
A Book About Death was one such Internet project.  That project lead me to my collaborators, Ria Vanden Eynde and Susan Shulman, on the Kali project mentioned in my last post.

_©evertson_contribution to Abalcabal #2_"Codes"_
Another great project I've been involved with is Abalcabal.  This is a zine made by and for those who collaborate by submitting work. Abalcabal was conceived by Jennifer Kosharek as a way for artists who had participated in ABAD to share work with one another. Other artists have found us on Facebook and have started to contribute as well.   I received our third issue recently and continue to be amazed by the creative spirit of the contributing artists.

#2 issue of Abalcabal
Jennifer has done an amazing job of organizing and curating this exchange opportunity as an off shoot of her mail art activity.  This second link for Jennifer has information concerning a mail art show she is organizing for September on the theme of UR Toy Story.

©evertson_contribution to Abalcabal #1_"Introductions"

Abalcabal continues to be only available to the contributors; although despite our "secretive" nature we are not above on occasion sharing some of our "sweet secret things".

First issue of Abalcabal

Abalcabal = A Book About Life + cabal (a group of people joined in a secret)    Shush!
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