Friday, July 2, 2010

New Work

_Kali Dance_ ©evertson2010_

I’m not sure what others think of artistic collaborations. I find them intriguing; at least when you find the right people for a project.  The piece above is one of the images I’m contributing to a book that I am working on with Susan Shulman of Canada and Ria Vanden Eynde of Belgium.  The Hindu goddess Kali is our topic for an artist book containing giclée prints. 
_Wheel of Time_©evertson2010

Our project began simply with an exchange on Facebook; a few innocuous statements that lead to the idea for doing “something”.  The first exchange began back at the end of January and continued for several months with sporadic chats on Kali, her historical references and our intersections with the mythology.  
_Queen Sara Gypsy Kali_©Susan Shulman2010_

Ultimately these discussions have coalesced around an artist book where we each contribute several images. At this stage we have settled upon loose folio sheets either in a drop spine or portfolio-style book case.  
_Untitled_©Susan Shulman2010_

We have no set deadlines but I thought that while we are in a preliminary but energetic state it is time to start showing off some of the imagery.  Neither do we have any idea how many images we ultimately will produce.  Presently we are working in a folio format in which a single sheet of archival quality paper is folded in half giving each artist several potential layouts for each of the individual folios.

_Kali Ma_©Ria Vanden Eynde2010_
On several occasions during our talks of collaboration we came full circle in our fascination with Kali's many manifestations; she creates and destroys, she is mother and she restores worlds out of balance.  


In the mail this week were several great pieces.  First to arrive was an original collage by Matthew Rose. For those unfamiliar with the particulars of mail art, Matthew's is a great example of trust and allowing for chance. The work consists of original collage on light board that is not wrapped in any way but simply stamped and left to the vicissitudes of the postal service.

collage by Matthew Rose©2010

It came through perfectly!  Now when I want art to make it through without damage...well, it never goes as planned.  Matthew Rose is an American artist that is based in Paris.  His largest collage project, "A Book About Death" continues to gain momentum as new artists step forward worldwide to curate and exhibit this project. Currently ABAD is in Omaha at the RGN Gallery and a fall exhibit is planned for the C.W. Post campus on Long Island. Matthew was recently interviewed on KHND radio.  He describes life in Paris, the story behind A Book About Death and life as a collage.

_detail of Matthew Rose designed artist stamp " Reubens Rounding Third"_
Note that it was cancelled by the postal service - their stamp of approval
I also received a full sheet of artist stamps and Encyclopedia Fluxanica #s 1-6 from Portland, Maine artist Reed Altemus.  Reed works across several media but always with an eye to Fluxus inspiration.  Well known for his copier art and fluxus performance work, these two works are a wonderful gift.  Some information on Reed's copier works are contained in the essay found here.

_Artist Stamps by Reed Altemus©2009_
Reed Altemus©2009
Speaking of collaboration... I don't think I've ever mentioned Abalcabal.  Next time perhaps because I work with some great artists on that project also and we specialize in sweet secret things.
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