Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Exhibits

It's almost fall and I've contributed work to several exhibits that are opening soon. There are more that I'm still at "work in progress" status. These are three highlights.

_Red Sea Ducks _ ©evertson _ invitation for UR Toy Story_
The UR Toy Story exhibition was conceived by and is curated by Jennifer Kosharek. As the invitation shows this features the mail art collected during the past year that this artist call has been active.  Jennifer curated the Chromatophore show at ARTpool Gallery last year.  This year's exhibit should prove to be even more popular with the addition of Fluxus performances.  Reed Altemus, Truman Bentley Jr.,Keith Buchholz, Ginny Lloyd, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Andrew Topel, Reid Wood and Jennifer Kosharek will perform fluxus scores. I was very pleased that Jennifer liked this piece well enough to act as the postcard invitation for the exhibit.  September 11th at ARTpool Gallery, St. Petersburg, Fl

_My image contained in the data recorder for Space Shuttle launch STS-133_
 Visit here for the Fluxface in Space Exhibit

Gary A. Bibb, in collaboration with Cecil Touchon, conceived an exciting new exhibition project for the Fluxmuseum. Utilizing the Face In Space Program from NASA - they organized a "Fluxface in Space" exhibition to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! These final missions will include a rendezvous with the International Space Station.

121 artists from 25 nations created an original postcard sized work of art, in various media, interpreting the themes of Space Exploration & the Arts, the Shuttle Program, Outer Space, Rockets, Astronauts, Astronomy etc. This will be a commemorative project around the fact that the Space Shuttle program is coming to an end after these last two flights.

My merchandise for the Mobius Prostitution of Art Exhibit
 Jane Hsiaoching Wang and J. Ellis Coleman from the Mobius Artist Group in Boston are running both an online and physical exhibit with the title The Prostitution of Art.  My piece is an edition of T-shirts, which are available for purchase during the exhibit. It is a nod to both the commercial artists designing ad copy and folks that leave Mobius with it's sometimes perplexing experimental art scratching their heads.  At Mobius Sept. 17th - 25th

Coming next post - A Seeking Kali shadow puppet theater in the works for the Ray Johnson / ABAD exhibit at CW Post's SAL Gallery on Long Island.

Toyz at MuBE - Another piece goes on exhibit in Brazil.

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