Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wild Side

_From the photobot at Mobius_

The Prostitution of Art and Signs of Our Times really begs for a shorter exhibition title but describing a typical multi layered Mobius production in a couple of words is impossible. Jane Wang and James Ellis Coleman curate both the online blog and physical version, which opened at the Mobius gallery space in Boston this past weekend.   The show featured a large screen video presentation of works that were submitted to the blogs that accompany the exhibit. The Signs of the Times blog currently has over one hundred contributions of “Signs, especially as means of language or miscommunication”. These ranged from the ironic to oblique to the unique signs that make up our visual landscape.  The Prostitution of Art blog featured an artist call for works and proposals for our take on the title. From the sexy voiced photobot that I used to take the pix above (by artist Jason Turgeon) to performances by Jessica Borusky, Liz Roncka and Philippe Lejeune the exhibit had at it's heart the lengths we (artists) go to to produce the art we do.

The video shows a glimpse of some of the art and activities from opening night this past Saturday.  The sound in this clip was part of the Liz Roncka/Philippe Lejeune performance.  Next Sunday (9/25) will also feature a variety of performances.

Jane Wang wearing one of my limited edition T-Shirts at the opening
A compete listing of the participating artists as well as hot links are on the Mobius event site.

Plus - Jane Wangs full length documentation of Signs of Our Times.

Ria Vanden Eynde shows off her T 
Susan Shulman with her T
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