Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Novel Idea

My custom book jacket created for the Gordon-Nash Library's 
soon to be donated copy of Rene Daumal's Mount Analogue.

While preparing for the Nash Gallery Exhibit at the Gordon-Nash Library I inquired if they had a copy of Rene Daumal's novel Mount Analogue.  The current head librarian Cathy Nolan Vincevic informed me that no, unfortunately sometime in the past it may have been weeded out of their collection.   Two of my latest prints relate to the French surrealist authors unfinished work and I was hoping to have a copy of the book to display next to those pieces.

I decided that it might be fitting to donate a copy to the library.  Unfortunately, the hardcover version is out of print and not wanting to donate a paperback I started looking for used hard bound copies.  They can be expensive!  At least for 'perfect' copies.  I decided that perhaps a copy of Damaul's book sans jacket would do nicely since I've spent the last several years with a group of artists working on an Exquisite Corpse ending (complete with illustrations) to this book.

My custom book jacket is based on one of my ink sketches Hotei with Blue Squirrel.

You can find the collaborative efforts of the several artists I work with on the Mount Analogue project at this LINK.

Link to my exhibition information at the Nash Gallery. Opens Wed. July 10 and runs to July 30th.
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