Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy Being Busy

Sharing work with friends during the recent Chelsea Art Walk. (Photo by AnnMarie Tornabene)

July has turned into a very busy month.  I remembered a Times article from a year ago about our self imposed busyness and thought back a few month to when I had July pegged as downtime; perhaps a time to begin some new works in the studio.  It's turned into exhibition month and that's meant busy work.  Busy framing works, writing press releases, busy packing art, busy traveling and busy trying to PR it all.  All the things that go with exhibiting and that's part of the artist's job... exhibiting.  I'm part grumpy hermit artist and so I'm starting to long for a few free mornings in front of blank paper and slightly restless for beginning new works.  

My entire four print series of Photobooth Kabuki woodcuts was complete in time to exhibit during the Chelsea Art Walk last Thursday.  I was able to display them in a project space in Ayn Choi's new venture, Gallery 304 at 526 W 26th st. in Chelsea.

The picture on the left shows a thumbnail of the woodcuts paired with the photo booth self portrait that is the first layer in each print.  The first layer is a solarplate etching followed by between 5 and 8 color blocks.

The series is traditional mokuhanga, with water based inks and printed with a baren on kizuki hanga, an extraordinary 100% kozo handmade paper, printed in editions of 12.

The bottom piece will be included in the 2013 North American Print Biennial this fall and I'll go into more detail on that closer to the opening at 808 Gallery, Boston University on October 27th.

Posing with my Kabuki series at the Chelsea Art Walk 

The last exhibit I need to get ready for is not strictly an art exhibition, instead Susan Shulman and I will be showing our collaborative comic, Kalicorp Art Mysteries at the Boston Comic Con on August 3rd and 4th.  Thanks to our small but loyal followers who supported our recent Kickstarter we've completed 7 issues to date, all of which we'll be displaying in Artist Alley.

For more about Kalicorp Art Mysteries you can visit our dedicated Art Mysteries blog.

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