Friday, August 9, 2013

New Tool

Carving resumes on the Fish Song woodblock.  It was set aside as I finished the Photobooth Kabuki pieces which were exhibited in New Hampshire and the Chelsea Art Walk last month.

The size of this piece, which will require seven blocks, each approx. 2' x7', also means lots of acreage to clear around each image element.

Time for a power carver; at least for working on pieces of this scale.  I decided on an Auto Mach from among the several brands on the market and so far I'm in love with it.

The images I'm working on here have areas of intricate detail which still has to be done by hand with a knife; either one of my hangi to or the disposable #16 X-Acto.  In the few days I've used the Auto Mach, it has been clear out the trenches between image elements.

 Cartoon for Fish Song - ©William Evertson 2013

The photo above is the cartoon or my guide for the imagery that overlaps to make up Fish Song.  The piece was originally part of The Billboard Art Project and this digital version along with several others were exhibited in Atlanta during the Fall of 2012.   

The piece itself combines elements both abstract and literal, referencing sea charts, climate change, coast lines, musical notation of sea chanties and obviously, fish.

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