Friday, June 13, 2008


First off - Thanks to everyone for holding my hand through my own hand wringing
of late.  "Art Contemplations" took a back seat for awhile.  I was wrestling with
some thorny personal preferences.  I should know better.  I've made the decisions
that place me here and now.  I pursued art; gave up on it once and am back for 
a second round.  Trouble is, these rounds last years.  If you have followed this blog
for awhile you must realize my infatuation with Zen koans.  Of late my life 
seems to encompass "The great way is not difficult if you just don't pick and
choose." (Sengcan)  It's difficult to accept where you are, especially if it's 
not where you want to be.  If I look back, I realize I am here.  Everything
leads to this place. Every decision from the time I was able to make decisions.
I link to Horse Wisdom  because whether we are talking horses, art or life; we 
are speaking about a mindful life - full of the unexpected - full of love.
My work today is far removed from this picture.  This is an installation piece
where I created  a maze to follow to the main gallery.   Thank you for curators
who are open to the new. I need to find a few more.
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