Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I had this great idea after posting on Victoria's Horse Wisdom site.
Follow her example and make a post about my work space. Hers' is
serene, mine chaos. I thought what a great counterpoint. So, of 
course the blogging demon has been screwing with my attempts to 
post. I just hope this is the last time I'm going to reconstruct this
train of thought. My studio-just a computer and a window to
stare out of. A printer, scanner, a slide to digital converter and 
a chair. But, I'm out of control in the picking up after projects
department. Just scroll down and you will see that all is not 
serene with the guy who loves a great zen meditation.

Now, the table is an heirloom.  Made by my great-great
grandfather. Passed down and restored when my son and I 
stripped the original finish which turned very soft in the 
summer humidity and exposed the wonderful chestnut
underneath. But, I confess when I run out of space I
turn to the dining room table. This time to make a quick 
sign for a friend. I can't paint letters to save my life.

My shop is no better-total chaos after two back to back
projects; there is no time to clean and pick up.

A further example of my lack of discipline, the basement.
I haven't picked up my workspace here since getting ready 
for the art fair. This is the area I use for matting and shrink-wrapping.

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