Saturday, June 7, 2008

Over the Top

So how did it go you ask?  Was it worthwhile?  I'm not  sure.
The set up went well and I had a location that was near the entrance.
I was next to one of our towns treasures - Elizabeth Sennentt. (sorry no web presence)  Gorgeous works in oil and watercolor - a local legend and a very gratuitous 
woman.  I didn't sell a single piece.  Yet, I have this nice third place ribbon and
a check for $50.  I had so many people pass asking how these images were 
produced and after explaining - there was still - is that possible look.   Why
should I be afraid?  I've spent eight years learning Photoshop, plus I still 
continue my sumi-e and other traditional techniques.  We went from the 
60's yesterday to over 90 and humid today.  K and I are melted. Time for
some extreme iced wine.

This is my set up.  Praise be to having worked as a framer for so many years.  If I
 had to pay someone to frame all this stuff I'd be in deep crap.  I've been framing,
cutting mats, shrink wrapping and generally not sleeping for the last couple of weeks.  I'm not 
sure if this will pay off, but todays experience was positive.  Even people I'm 
friends with were amazed with the depth of my work (frankly some were unaware
of what I'm up to)  Yieks - I'm so bad at marketing.  The big bright side was my
friend Teri  coming over last night to share some wine and distract K and I for an hour.

  • The piece that caught the judge's eye was my work 'Meltdown' : I don't 
  • think I've published this on my blog to date.  I use elements of this 
  • piece as my logo in the blog world.  The piece derives from a difficult
  • period in my art life.  Art life - what is that?  Thats the point where
  •  art can't possibly pay bills and all the nay sayers are pointing fingers
  • at your decisions.  It was a period in NYC that Karen and I lost three
  • great artist friends within a year.  Leukemia, heroin overdose and a 
  • highway fatality.  Yes, NYC seems the art capitol of the world, but we
  • had to retreat - too much pain.  My piece 'Meltdown' remains a 
  • reflection on these emotions.
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