Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Karen and I were in Ithaca, N.Y. over Labor Day. I was involved with
developing an upsurd game that has persisted with our college friends
for 30 years. Yes, we even party with our college age children during 
this event. The game is based on croquet played at night. The illuminatin
is provided by lighter fluid. We set the wickets, balls and sometimes
mallets ablaze. At the start Fluxus and Happenings were the thing.
I  dropped Minimal went with the flow and 30  years later I still
 have a work in progress. To most a wild party, to me a work of art.
A big multi-generational get together. I get to meet everyones kids
not just to see pictures. How cool is that!

The t-shirts have become a pet project. I've been providing free t's 
for at least 20 years now. This years model features a rift on a
1890's croquet rule manual. The mister wicket® has a long history
probably explained on my other blog, if I can get help or find time.
Enough summer fun, I'm back on the trail of some art fun. Best
job on the planet as long as we realize the responsibility.
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