Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Old Work

I've been looking over old photos of my early art and thought
some bloggers would be interested in where I was at my beginning. 
Born in a small town in mid-state New York to a family business
of auto body repair. I worked in the shop from age 12, and learned
welding. Thank God I excelled in school and got a scholarship. I 
started in business but quickly found art. Much to my family's
distress. My work in the shop lead me on a path of large welded
 sculptures. But times change and now my canvas is different.

A very minimal approach - concentrating on structure.  This work 
consists of three one inch thick steel plates holding a concrete 
wedge. This work was part of an exhibit at the Arnot Museum 
in the 70's. Got a $500 dollar prize for best new work, but not
the collection prize. 
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