Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Checks in the Mailart

"Wish You Were Here" postcard containing short story ©evertson 09

Well, not a check but my postcards that are on their way to
The Emily Harvey Foundation for this falls exhibition of
"A Book About Death" an unbound book about death. The
exhibit opens September 10th in NYC and runs through the
22nd of Sept. If you follow the A Book link you will be able
to watch the ongoing contributions to the exhibit as it
continues to evolve over the summer. Follow the Emily
link to find her all too short but fascinating biography as
well as information about the foundation.

Insert of my story Text Messages From the Dead is included with the postcard

My short story Text Messages From the Dead is included in the
postcard. Yes, the postcard has a 'secret' compartment.

The project, originated by artist Matthew Rose, draws inspiration
from the late Ray Johnson. His unbound "book" was mailed to his
New York Correspondence School "students". The global nature
of the exhibition is a reflection of Ray's influence in the realms of
performance, mail art and Fluxus.

Back of postcard for an unbound book about death evertson 09

A visit to the A Book site is a constantly evolving visual
treat. P.S. any fb members can join both the A Book About
Death group or the Ray Johnson page.
For me this was a
wonderful opportunity to excise a few demons concerning
the untimely deaths of loved ones and honor the
contributions of an exceptional art pioneer.

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