Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writer workshop

Detail of text from Brule © evertson 07

I'm off to a one day session of the week long version of Wesleyan's
Writer's Conference. From my earliest years as a student I've
included text and type in my work. I've made videos that actually
required a great deal of writing. I find it does not come as natural
as some other skills, thus I have great respect for the writer's art.
I have some hope that I will come away with a renewed sense of
inspiration. Ravi Shankar (who doesn't play sitar), founder of
Drunken Boat, one of my favorite web zines, will be a speaker.
Add to the mix some advice from novelist Kit Reed and editor,
publisher Ron Hogan among others and I have my inkwell

Text Messages from the Dead insert to postcard ©evertson 09

Until my recent work on a postcard for A Book About Death
which contains a short story that co-exists with the card image,
I've primarily used text and typography as fragments and
visual elements in my collage.

Detail of text from Meltdown ©evertson

I'm not sure that impulse will continue as I've been so awed
(and a little intimidated) by some work I've come across.

Two artist I enjoy from the Drunken Boat can be found under
Web Art (I'll let you navigate on your own to prevent a dead end)

Mark Marino's piece Labrynth: The Rulebook without Game
is a visual treat of hypertext opportunities.

Travis Alber has a piece entitled 30 Days of Rain, which
is a story of leaving San Francisco told through 30 animated

Last but not least -
Cathie Borrie's contribution to A book About Death contains
a fragment from her memoir concerning Alzheimer's. Her
main web site can be found here.

Detail of text from Dr. Strange ©evertson 06

I mentioned in a previous post my penchant for working beyond
my comfort level in different mediums as a way to break out
my ruts. So tomorrow I venture out into the scary but oh so
refined atmosphere of the literati.
It was a dark and stormy night....
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