Saturday, June 6, 2009

More "A Book About Death"

Production facility for "A Book About Death" postcard

I swear it was Karen who had the wine not me when she suggested
I include the short story that accompanies my "A Book About Death"
postcard. The moral is if you don't want criticism, don't show your
work. My prototype was all ready with a front and back; I just needed
to post it to the printers site. The back has an address to my blog where
the story is available. Karen in her infinite wisdom points out that you
can't just put your finger on the postcard and hyperlink your way
anywhere. I knew she was right; the image and story are two sides
of the coin, canvas and paint; both are equal and integral to the
project. While the story is short, it was still too long to print on
the card. I had the front and back shipped to me and I'm sitting
and glueing them on three sides and inserting a copy of the story.
Only 350 to go as Karen glides by with her riesling and says, "since
when have you ever listened to good advice?"

Shiva and Kali battle Space Invaders ©evertson '81
pastel and gold leaf on paper

Before my postcards arrived I was continuing to rebuild the
last few files from my hard drive crash. I came across the
piece above. I'll keep that seemingly endless and addicting
game in mind as I finish up the cards this weekend. 349, 348,
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