Friday, July 24, 2009

Life in the Way

Progress shot of hubcanvas for Landfill Arts ©09

** I always cringe at the saying "life got in the way". Usually someone was on their way to something creative or meaningful in their life when they were blindsided by the actual vicissitudes of living life. My last post, (well over a week ago) referred to a long overdue paint job to the exterior of our house. Despite hiring a friend to help, the work grates on me because of the art backlog. I've made scant progress on my Landfill Art project, I've got several new pieces to frame before a local show this fall and a ton of ideas are languishing in my sketchbook.
Of course I made the bed now I have to sleep in it; but while I still have breath I may as well complain.
I did steal a few hours to complete a mesh 'web' that will cover the hubcap for Landfill project. The web will help hold some of the elements I'm using in this mixed media piece. The photo at the top shows one of the hands I've made being soldered in place.

Spider web - solder on copper mesh Landfill Art project in progress ©09

A few posts ago now, Jafabrit's blog commented on tortured artist syndrome. She claims (and has science on her side) that this is PIFFLE. (go ahead - click over - I'm just raving) This may be just anecdotal but I am tortured whenever this "real life" stuff gets in the way of making art. The last two weeks have been sooo non-productive art wise that I've been feeling a bit psycho. My mental health guru/wife says in another week of painting I should be right back in the art world of long hours and little pay or recognition. "Does that make you feel better honey?" So in a fit of Van Goghish perversity I shaved my goatee and mustache; which she didn't notice for two days until I pointed it out. This leaves me with the conclusion that one of the symptoms of tortured artist syndrome is invisibility. Sigh...

Mixed media mail art envelope in progress ©09

Meanwhile, I'm almost overdue to send a mail art piece to Jennifer Zoellner's Chromatophore project. I suppose I could send off one of my promotional postcards but given the quality of the submissions she has posted I'd be headed for the wall of shame.
Luckily I'm surrounded by a tabletop junkyard of scrap from working the landfill Art project. So why not use some of this wire mesh mess to construct an envelope to contain a few words for Jennifer? The picture above is my progress on this idea as of last night. I'm free handing my soldering iron to make some words for my enclosed 'message'.
Plus to head off any further tortured artist syndrome I am vowing that not another clapboard or window sash competes with my attention until at least this mail art piece is safely in the saddlebags of my pony express rider.
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