Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Oil - Big Oil

sketch book images

** Starting to take a few of my sketches for the Landfill Arts hubcanvas out for a stroll today. Like most of my work I've only got a direction I'm headed in rather than a great map. I mentioned in a previous post that I decided instead of a piece about my narrative vis a vis autos this mixed media work would be about oil. Oil and maybe BIG oil; I'm not that sure. We love our oil and it's refined sister gas. It gets us where we're going and we scarcely can imagine what we would have to change to live without our dependence on the substance. But... getting to this piece is all about exploring but the more I explore I find that while Big oil is a convenient subject there are many small hands in this issue as well.

mocking up hubcanvas

** The many hands theme is manifesting as small copper mesh hands that I am fabricating. I also remembered a train set I had many moons ago with a working oil derrick and pump. Sure enough they could be found on eBay. Only now they are collector items; not the kind of thing one would destroy to make art with, or would I? So I find myself on eBay looking for a real crappy version of this Lionel oil rig. Not being an eBay aficionado it takes a few bidding wars with train memorabilia collectors before I get what I'm looking for. So today I get to start mocking up the piece with my copper hands and my new oil rig toys.

** Todays bonus feature is the new and improved link to the A Book About Death webpage. New artists, slideshow view and links to artist's sites and soon to come information about the webcast and programs during the opening.

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