Friday, February 26, 2010


Unfolding my accordion book "Choices" - (photo by J. Zoellner)

I was in NYC last weekend for the Sketchbook Library exhibit. The Sketchbook Library is a project sponsored and curated by the Arthouse Co-op. The exhibit, in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn at 303 Grand St., was the second stop on a nationwide tour of artist sketchbooks. After another stop in Brooklyn the sketchbooks move on to Boston, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, and Chicago. The books return this summer to their final location at the Brooklyn Art Library at 201 Richards St. These sketchbooks are bar coded such that they can be accessed by the name of the artists. Visitors to the exhibits are issued temporary library cards and can view the original work of the artists contained in the books.

Karen Evertson and Jennifer Zoellner viewing Jennifer's work

For this opening well over 1000 artists sketchbooks were represented. We met up with our friend and fellow artist Jennifer Zoellner to look over the books. While we barely scratched the surface, we did manage to find a couple of mutual friends.

Books by Mara Thompson and Melissa McCarthy

Shane Zucker and Stephen Peterman of Arthouse (along with a few volunteer librarians) were able to keep the lines moving all evening long. Our friends Mara Thompson and Melissa McCarthy had terrific works in the exhibit that we had a chance to view. The only regret of the evening was our search for our Brazilian artist friend, Angela Ferrara kept coming up short. ("sorry, it's out")

Jennifer with Alice and friends

The next day we visited the Met, Met Alice, roamed Strawberry Fields and had a visit with Bill Wilson. Bill was generous with his time and it was a wonderful opportunity to see many works by his mother May Wilson. Great weekend.

Bill Evertson and Bill Wilson - Bill Wilson pointing to works by May Wilson
(photo by J. Zoellner)
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