Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Perfect Example

_Milan Kohout beats the drum during ArtRages_

Artist run exhibits tend to be created rather than curated. The Mobius artist group of Boston created a very special event on May 8th. Taking over 10,000 sq. feet of space in a building near Logan airport and filling it with performance, installation, fashion and music provided an invitation to overindulge in push the envelope style work. The show's title "ArtRages Surrealestate Art Party" is a mouthful and was equally difficult to consume in one sitting. The exhibit took over an entire sprawling floor in a building that looks perfect for light industry or R&D and for one night that industry was art. In addition to my photos of the event the Boston Phoenix photographer, Derek Kouyoumjian, has some great shots of the evening. The show or event went from 8pm to 1 am and it was difficult to see how any less time spent there would allow you to see it all.

Barry Friedland

Cathy Nolan Vincevic (not pictured in this performance -Mari Novotny-Jones)

Marsha Parrilla dances with Angela Ferrera

Masks and Jewelry: Kest Schwartzman
- On Ondi Gottesman:
Ghost: Hand Wrought Copper (Mask)
Eclipse: Hand Wrought Copper and Rooster Feathers (Cuffs)... See More
- On Maria Pinto:
Cassowary- Hand Wrought Copper (Mask)
Ready to Fly- Brass and Pheasant Feathers (Bracelets)
Birdcage for the Neck- Brass (Neckpiece)
Stylist: Amanda Maciel Antunes - D.ama.

Naomi Bennett

Emily Beattie and Liz Roncka

SLSAPS!!! Second Line Social Aid Pleasure Society Brass Band!

Jane Wang calling the end of the fashion show

Visitors view the Surrealestate cards

_I was recently looking over a very smart article written by Ted Mooney, former senior editor of Art in America. Basically it forms a timeline of development of the art up through our latest recession. His conclusion was that the artists resisting the compulsive commodification of a few blue chip artists may finally be at a tipping point as a result of the latest recession. Artists of the performance, conceptual, those influenced by Fluxus are engaged as never before in bringing networked exhibitions to the fore. As Mooney pointed out, in the past artists have allowed the support systems unprecedented power. What artists will do if they decide to take on some of that function was clearly on display in Boston this past weekend.
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