Friday, May 21, 2010


_latest multimedia game box from my Ox and O series_

This piece is a continuation of a series of small game boxes based loosely on tic tac toe. In 2003, I started making carvings on the bottoms of a series of cast plaster hands. These served at the time as chops to sign and date works on paper. In 2009, I began to expand this idea with additional carvings based on symbols of a personal significance. Given their small size of about one inch in diameter the carvings remain rudimentary signifiers.

digital print collaged to the inside cover _ ©evertson

Now, in 2010, I have over sixty symbols that I regularly make carvings of. The symbols range; a hand holding a brush, animals, children at play, disasters, money, mythic figures such as Sisyphus and Kali, and there are many more. About a year ago I began to use these in "game" boxes.

Ink drawing at bottom of inner compartment _©evertson

The tic tac toe format seemed a likely venue to place symbols at odds with each other. The boxes are not so much about the game play as the juxtaposition of symbolic content, although they can and are played as games. I call these Ox and O boxes in honor of the Zen ox-herding illustrations.

Components of the game _ cover of instruction book on left _ ©evertson

The name of this game is PowerPlay and concerns itself with childhood and our growth from pure play to playing more serious games where power is the prize. Each box I create contains original art which then becomes part of the three dimensional collage that these games actually are.

My original prose from the enclosed "instruction manual" _©evertson


I received a couple of nice pieces this past week in the mail. The first from Ria Vanden Eynde. Ria and I collaborate from time to time. The picture below is from earlier this year. I sent Ria an ink sketch on silk and she turned it into a shroud to veil her portrait underneath.

About a month ago I sent several more ink drawings over to Belgium for her to add her insight. Bear in mind neither of us has intentions of steering the direction of the work so trying to elaborate on another artist's work is a bit like the trust game of closing your eyes and falling backward and hoping someone will catch you. So now the piece is back on my side of the Atlantic to add to or simply sign. Humm?? Still looking. Ria has started another blog that is fantastic. She has been inviting women to submit work concerning body consciousness. One of her recent submissions was a written piece by Yoko Ono.

Stage two of a collaboration with Belgian artist Ria Vanden Eynde _ The Gateless Gate_

Mail Art by Christine Tarantino

Another welcome addition to my mail art collection is this piece by Christine Tarantino. This jpeg shows the back on the right side. The New, New NYC stamp is from my handstamp series and references Christine's blog work organizing and providing an online gallery (New New Art) of Fluxus inspired works.

Thank you!!

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