Friday, May 7, 2010

Where am I

_New artist boxes underway on worktable this week_

I've been posting about my take on various artists and what I been seeing lately, but I do have a few works out in the world right now so this is a brief rundown on where my art is. Last post mentioned the ongoing A Book About Death exhibits currently in Wales, Belgium and Sarajevo.

Tomorrow (Sat. May 8th) I have a piece in Surrealestate to support my favorite Boston art venue, Mobius. This exhibit is part of a larger Artrages party and fundraiser to benefit the continuing work of that premier arts collective. Artists were asked to provide an image or message to the rear of the works that would be revealed at the opening. While I won't post the message it does describe my interaction with Moses who is in the foreground of the art's collage elements.

Moses ©evertson _ Surrealestate card for Mobius benefit

As seen in the top photo I have been busy this year making artist game boxes to house the various handcarved stamps I've made over the past several months. The works in progress above are destined for collections although the examples below are in two current exhibits.

Red box on left in Fluxhibition #4 _ Brown box in Game Play

International Fluxhbition #4 is themed for "amusements, diversions, games, tricks and puzzles". Curated by Cecil Touchon in Fort Worth, TX.

Cover of box at Game Play

The brown box is on exhibit at the Criss Library at the University of Omaha. Game Play is a group exhibition "born from and inspired by videogames, sports, board games and other toy games" On view until May 21st. Both boxes contain the handstamps that make up a tic tac toe like game in which the players use the stamps and pad to play. Boxes are themed according to the icons carved on the base of the enclosed hands. Various images collaged on the interior of each box complete the work.

Mr. Wicket quilt panel 2' x 4' for DreamRocket

The Dream Rocket quilt panels are being prepared to tour various venues throughout the country this summer. My piece is vinyl coated fabric on a linen canvas backing.

Image submitted to Green Seen ©evertson

Green Seen is currently on exhibit in Wendall, Ma until May 21st. The image I chose for this green themed exhibition is one that I have played with for several years now; the diver and lotus.

As I look over these pieces I suddenly am thinking that I don't have a signature look. I'll have to satisfy myself by knowing there is an underlying theme of how we view the world.

Finally, this week while I intended to finish those boxes at the top and move on, I got distracted while sorting through the photos I took recently in NYC. I decided to make up some photo collages to send off to friends who participated in some of the performances. Here are the first three:

Jennifer Zoellner

Reed Altemus

Keith Buchholz

All three performances from April 17th at Printed Matter, NYC.
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