Sunday, October 3, 2010

Into October

_A work in progress_ cut out silhouette characters for Seeking Kali Shadow Theater_
 These shadows are cast by the cut outs I've been working on for the Kali Shadow Theater. (the fish are ink on acetate) The Theater will be part of the Ray Johnson/A Book About Death exhibition opening on Nov.3rd.
The story line will be the the origins and manifestations of the goddess Kali. 
Larry Cohen, the Canadian composer, will be providing an original score to accompany the theater. You can listen to a sampling of Larry's complex and layered music here.

This takes place at the SAL Gallery on the CW Post campus of Long Island University. The exhibition features the original Book About Death as conceived by Matthew Rose who solicited artists from around the world to contribute a "page".  Actually we were asked to provide 500 copies of our page.  Last fall at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NYC visitors to the exhibit were asked to bring the pages home with them to form their own books.
Since it was first exhibited the ABAD has traveled the world to various museums and galleries and has inspired several collaborations between the artists who originally exhibited.
The Seeking Kali project is one of those sister projects and is a collaboration with myself and artists Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium) and Susan Shulman (Canada).  Our online call has been running since mid August and we now have over 30 contributions of art, music and poetry (and over 3000 site visits!).

This new video is a compilation of the work from the Seeking Kali blog.

As works continue to roll in I'll be adding to this video and the final version containing submissions through 10/27 with be shown during the opening at SAL Gallery.

The great music on this video is the work of my son Ian Evertson, a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston. Our poetry submissions are read by Susan Shulman.

In fact, since working up this version of the video several new works have been posted on our Seeking Kali blog. A nice one is from my fellow blogger from New Zealand, Debrina Price-Ewan. Her blog "Debrina's Altered Art Diary" is always full of energy and a fun visit.

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