Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mobius Wednesday

_and this shameless promotion is on the back of the T-shirt_

As a follow up to the T-shirt merchandise I made for the Prostitution of Art show at Mobius last month, curator Jane Wang is featuring the participating artists on her PoArt blog.  My work is featured in her Oct. 4th post. I had some fun posting pictures of a few of the participating artists with my Mobius T-shirt design here on my blog (here).  In conversation with Jane I offered to continue to post pictures of anyone wearing the Mobius T. A win/win because I like supporting Mobius because it shows the kind of experimental art that often can't find a home in a traditional gallery setting. It's home for all that difficult art that's hard to package and often hard to even describe. It's about performance, sound and installation art that is best experienced first hand.
The following people were wearing the T-shirt during the Prostitution exhibit and photographed by Jason Turgeon's automated photobot.

Unidentified folks from the PoArt exhibit (email me with your contact info and I'll edit it in)

Grant Smith _ Mobius Artist

Tom Plsek _ Mobius Artist
The T-shirt edition was silk screened for the exhibit by my friends at the Red Barn Studios.
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