Sunday, May 11, 2008


This always happens when I become my worst enemy.  Sleepless
in Connecticut.  I've always hated art fairs but I've decided to do
several this summer.  I've been to a number of them and want to
shove my finger down my throat. The work seems all the same,
boats and flowers and beach scenes.  All very nice, but not the 
kind of art that inspires me.  But the artists do seem to be selling
some work.  I really need to be selling more.  Exact same problem when
I lived in NYC for ten years after grad school.  I'm an artist but don't 
have a clue on how to really market what I produce.  I'm probably
on another fools mission  Damn, I really need to make the transition
from woodworker back to artist. Plus find some success, humor and grace.

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