Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank You

My last post had some great comments by some people doing 
great art.  Art that I respect, otherwise I wouldn't return to their blogs.
I think that now that I have gone ahead and signed up for a few shows,
I'll just let it play out for what it is.  I've have to lay out some cash
for tent and display system but I'll try to live up to Sarahs expectation
that I'll do a good job - Get some contacts, sell a few, perhaps uplift
my marketing brain. Already, I'm printing, matting, cutting frames,
creating a new biography. This might be a journey that reminds me
why I hate art fairs.  For now I'll go with it this summer and see if 
it leads to a more promising land.  I'm posting an older work created
four years ago.  The strange thing about this is that I have used digital
pieces of this work to create others
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