Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Madness

Oh dear! Oh dear!  I shall be too late!  Yes, I'm feeling a little like 
the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  So much to do
and so little time.  I realized this morning that a whole week
has passed since I last blogged. (forgive me father for I have 
sinned?)  Oh well, by the end of this month I'll probably resemble
the other rabbit in Alice's story, the March Hare or sometimes 
referred to as the Mad March Hare from the tea party.  I'm 
not quite sure why March is mad, to me things seem particularly
unreal every May.  Probably because our gardens need so much
attention plus the various groups we volunteer for all seem to
love May for some endeavor or another.  Plus throw in a job, well
at least I know I'm not alone.   In any event, the image I'm
presenting is another of my 'Reflection' series.  I keep adding
to this group if I'm lucky enough to first remember to keep the
camera handy, then have the good fortune to stumble across the
 right light and reflection.


Teri Prestash said...

Beautiful image. When I first saw the title and image I assumed you were referring to the weather. Had that been the case- you nailed it. This image is both beautiful and cold. Just like this month has been.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Wow Bill this photograph is so luminous, even the rocks feel reflective... very spacey!!

Victoria Cummings said...

Bill - This image is really dream-like, with so much depth - it's wonderful. It's a meaningful pause in all your running around. Hope you have some time to relax this long week-end.

laura said...

One of my favorites, Bill!! Well, I love all the Reflections series; I love the idea of a Reflections series! The intensified color/contrast is otherworldly, Wonderlandish, to pick up on your theme!

Bill Evertson said...

Thanks everyone for the commentary. Teri - Yes, I agree a strange May. I'm glad you saw it in the art. Gwen - Frankly, My focus was the water and trees, now that you mention it, I did kind of 'pop' the rocks as well. It's nice when people see something in a work that even the artist may miss. I'm so glad that Victoria has commented because she has posted some wonderful meditation techniques lately that I hope everyone will check out. It's not about art, it's not about horses - It's about living fully aware. Thanks Laura - You know that while I love the computer compositions, I still love the brush and paper - I'm glad you coined the 'wonderlandish' word for my work - thanks.

doudy said...

Great picture...and very nicely captured, the way the water turn from transparent to mirror-like surface and we can see the branches...I like it very much.
And cool the way of your description "Rabbit in Alice in wonderland" I always have this feeling, millions of things to do and no time..well I personally need an additional 24 hours to my normal day :) I got to go , I have a statistics exam buhhhhhhhh!!!...

Sandy said...

Wow!! That is gorgeous, and makes me want to get out today and find some reflections. But it's cloudy.

May IS an odd month, for me too, but can't put my finger on why. And to me, it also flies by so quickly.

Mineke Reinders said...

This is a very beautiful image, Bill. The reflection of the tree branches is wonderful, as is the coloring in the rocks. Wonderful series! I know what you mean about May, it is mad and makes one scatter-brained. Too much to do, too little time, too many interruptions... Well, it's almost June :)

Bill Evertson said...

Thanks again for the comments! To compound this May madness - both of our mowers have broken down - of course - this is the time of year where the grass is growing like crazy. Perhaps we shall consider goats in the future.