Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not the End of the World?

Total desk confusion

There is nothing like a hard drive failure to cause one
to evaluate life's priorities. I awoke Monday morning
to a giant blinking question mark on the computer
screen. I tried everything; mouth to mouth, chest
compressions, those electric paddle things and the
calls to tech support to some guy in a hut on the other
side of the planet. Finally the long drives to first one
Apple store (your hard drive is dead, but we're closing
for two weeks of renovations) then another (they got it
done by Wednesday night). I tried to fill my grief by
dragging an old iMac out of the closet but it was sooo
old and tired. Luckily I had my art backed up as well
as most of my writing. I did lose two years of photographs
and all my tunes. My next purchase? Forget that stupid
blinking check engine light, I need a second hard drive
and auto back up software. You just have to get your
priorities right ;)
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