Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visual Influence

 Blogging has become a very interesting part of my life since
I started this year.  I have met many online artists that inspire me
to create something each day.  I have to admit that before 
blogging I was in the habit of waiting for inspiration to
hit.  I realize now that slogging through bad days and
nights of the rubbish I produce is a healthy process.  
I was browsing my hard drive for photo's today; trying
to find a thread to begin a digital work.  I was stunned to find 
a screen shot from a video I made back in the summer of
03.  For this one scene I had used marker on a variety of 
flower petal to write on.  In my hand is the word visual and
in the for ground is influence.  Think four years later and
I have run into a very creative person, Sarah Elizabeth, who has 
 a wonderful site, full of creative thinking, that has the 
name Visual Influence. Karen and I are off for four days of
vacation on Block Island, so no posts until Sunday.  
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