Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Four days of vacation are great.  Karen and I haven't been on a 
vacation since last May, when my mom took a bad fall.  Many
changes; way too much medical responsibility; way too much
involvement into her care, wishes etc.  Hint to the wise,
talk early to your children and keep talking.  We finally had 
the space to go and do something for us!  Great beaches, hiking 
nature trails, an afternoon nap; laps in  the pool until the 
grandma squad interrupted us with the daily "walk across " and 
asked us to join in.  Oh well - we swim laps and they bound back and 
forth.  Just giggle and leave: We're never going to be that old - are we?
Enough of that - my post is a photo taken not to long ago of some 
brushes with a mystery setting of tea candles - of course some 
drama provided by Photoshop.
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