Friday, April 11, 2008

Times Square

Ok - enough of the sumi-e.  Too easy to come up with a little 
sketch each post.  I want to throw something out there 
that I'm just beginning to experiment with.  Solarplates
are a light sensitive material bonded to a metal plate.
You can use these in a variety of ways, but I've been 
making some layers in photoshop and printing on acetate.
The acetate is placed on the solarplates and exposed to 
sunlight. Water is used to wash away unexposed areas.
The plates are inked and can be run through a regular
etching press or a lighter paper can be used with a pin press
or baren.  My "Subway Attire" print is 8" x 10.5" and 
printed with Akua Kolor pigments designed for 
Japanese style printmaking. 
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